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Year: 1907

Manufacturer: Fiat

Model: S61

Country: Italy

FCA heritage

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1908 Fiat S61

The FIAT S61 is a two-seater race car developed specifically for the North-American market. Derived from the Gran Turismo of the same name, it featured a more powerful engine and lighter structure, with steel ladder chassis and aluminium body. Propelled by a 10,087cc inline-four with overhead camshaft, four valves per cylinder and dual ignition, the S61 offered amazing performances for its time: 115 to 125hp depending on the configuration, and top speed of almost 160km/h. Its great sports achievements in the United States include the first and third place at the 1908 American Grand Prix in Savannah, the third place in the first edition of the 1911 Indianapolis 500-Mile race, and first place at the 1912 Santa Monica circuit – beating another S61 with an average race speed of 127.17km/h. In the same year, the model enrolled in the Concours and won the American Grand Prix in Milwaukee.

The car, which belongs to the FCA collection, has been reassembled with a careful conservative approach by the FCA Heritage team of experts and is now on display at the FCA Heritage HUB in Turin, Italy.


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