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Year: 1913

Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce

Model: Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh Continental

Country: Australia

David Berthon

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1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost London to Edinburgh Continental

This Silver Ghost is one of around 22 higher performance London to Edinburgh models with the added name of Continental featuring four-speed with direct drive on top in lieu of three-speed gearboxes, higher compression engines with aluminium pistons, one-inch larger 25-inch wheel wheels, a higher mounted engine and two-inch higher radiator.

They were produced to compete in the 1913 Spanish Grand Prix where they came first and third and in the 1913 Austrian Alpine Trial a week later where they came first, second and third. Rolls-Royce did not compete in motor sport events after this success.

This car is one of six Continentals to have survived – delivered new to an owner in London just before the outbreak of WW1 and subsequently given to the War Ministry for active service. Auctioned after the war, it purchased by a doctor in Chester and then bought by a doctor in Sydney and imported to Australia in 1928. Re-bodied four times before the fitment of the current body by Peels of Brisbane from a 1913 6-litre sporting Sunbeam in 1966.

Restored over a 15-year period culminating in Best in Show at MotorClassica in 2017, Winner of Shannon’s Sydney Classic Car Concours in 2018 and runner-up to the Best in Show at Sydney Harbour Concours d’Elegance earlier this year.


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