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Year: 1925

Manufacturer: Hispano-Suiza

Model: H6C

Chassis Number: 11441

Country: Switzerland

Fritz Burkard

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1925 Hispano-Suiza H6C

The Hispano-Suiza’s Bois-Colombes factory ledger, kept by Monsieur Henri Moreau, lists order no. 2087 for chassis Type Sport 110×140, chassis number 11441, for Dutchman J.F. Lebret. Delivery from the factory took place on September 29, 1925. 

Lebret was no stranger to the Bois-Colombes factory, since he was the chairman of N.V. Nederlandsche Technische Handels Vereeniging. This company was responsible for all imports of Hispano-Suiza cars in the Netherlands. Lebret had placed orders in his own name before. In the case of 11441 he must have acted on behalf of the counterfeiters Alves Reis and José Bandeira, to help conceal their names from any official documents. It is certain that 11441 never went to the Netherlands and was driven straight from Bois-Colombes to Lisbon. 

Again, to conceal their names from any official document, especially in Portugal, Reis and Bandeira called-in the help of a dealer who had excellent contacts when it came to importing automobiles. 

In 1926 the car found a new owner in Jorge Ribeiro de Sousa, the 22-year-old god son of the third Countess of Avilez, for an undisclosed amount. 11441 stayed in his ownership until his death. Early in 1969 the car was taken to another auction from the estate of de Sousa. It is not completely clear when he died, but it’s possible that it may have been 10 years before the auction. The car’s new owner was the car collector Antònio Augusto Carvalho from Vila Nova de Famalicão. 

Charles Howard at Coys of Kensington, acquired the car in 1974 directly from Portugal. Michael Seydoux, a French collector, got the opportunity to purchase the Hispano in 1975. In 1996 he decided to part with the car; he put it up for auction, where it was bought by collector Abba Kogan. 

Charles Howard re-acquired the car from the Kogan collection in April 2012, after it had been offered several times through various dealers. In February 2017, Jack Braam Rubens from Fine Automobiles purchased the car and brought it to the Netherlands. He is also the main source of the car’s history.

In early 2020, the current owner brought 11441 to Switzerland. It has been officially imported, but has not not yet been through Switzerland’s MOT test, so it has not yet have a Swiss license plate. 


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