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Year: 1927

Manufacturer: Bugatti

Model: Baby

Country: France

Pierre-Henri Raphanel

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1927 Bugatti Baby

This Bugatti was the property of the famous French designer Philippe Charbonneaux, before his children later became its owners. Having been bought in the 1980s, the precious car was then preserved alongside other vehicles in the Museum of Reims.

It was recently bought by official Bugatti driver Pierre-Henri Raphanel as a testimony to the early genius of Ettore Bugatti – not only in being the Da Vinci of the automotive industry, but also as a father who gifted the best to his children, as we always try to do…

As the Guinness world-record speed holder for many years with the Veyron Super Sport, Raphanel says he’s happy to get the slowest Bugatti ever produced as well.


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