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Year: 1928

Manufacturer: Alvis

Model: 12/75 Front Wheel Drive

Country: USA

Tampa Bay Automotive Museum

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1928 Alvis 12/75 Front Wheel Drive

Alvis automobiles were fast, renowned for good technology and priced between mass-produced automobiles and the more expensive marques.  Alvis and BSA were the only UK marques bold enough to make a FWD during the 1920s and 1930s. 

Key features include a supercharged 1.5-litre 8-cylinder engine mounted back-to-front in a duralumin frame. This model had some success on the racing circuit and placed very well at Le Mans in 1928. Our body style is known as the TT, for Tourist Trophy. Unfortunately, it was not a commercial success as many customers were put off by both their novelty and complexity, and just 142 were produced.

A favourite feature of this car is its Hare radiator cap. The car was restored in 2013 and was presented at the Quail Motorsports gathering the same year.

Tampa Bay Automobile Museum have owned this car for 18 years and are unsure of its prior history.


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