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Year: 1932

Manufacturer: Duesenberg

Model: Model J Torpedo Convertible Coupe

Country: USA

Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum

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1932 Duesenberg Model J Torpedo Convertible Coupe

Duesenberg J-476 was one of five short wheelbase Torpedo Convertible Coupe bodies built by Murphy. Notable in its design is the Murphy hallmark disappearing convertible top and the bare aluminum top of the body.  

This vehicle was purchased new by Cliff Durant, son of GM founder William Durant. Durant owned the vehicle for a few months and traded it to J. Paul Getty for a Model A Duesenberg and some cash. Getty owned the vehicle until 1940.  

The vehicle had subsequent owners including author John O’Hara. In 1953, Don Carr purchased the vehicle. He restored, drove and exhibited the vehicle until he donated it to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum in 1981 after having driven the car more than 100,000 miles. It was the first Duesenberg donated to the Museum.

This Duesenberg Model J engine is a modified Lycoming straight eight, featuring dual overhead cams and four valves per cylinder. With a displacement of 420 cubic-inches, this engine produces 265bhp.  The Model J chassis alone cost $8500. This vehicle cost $15,000 new.


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