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Year: 1932

Manufacturer: Invicta

Model: Low Chassis S type, No S131, Body by Carbodies

Chassis Number: S131

Country: UK

Adrian Beecroft

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1932 Invicta Low Chassis S-type

The Invicta S-Type caused a sensation with its dramatically under-slung chassis in an era when most cars stood tall. The Invicta Cars company was formed when Noel Macklin and Oliver Lyle came together in 1925 to build a car with American levels of flexibility and performance with European quality and roadholding.

The company produced cars of the highest standard until 1933, eventually falling victim to the Depression of the early 1930s. In that time it’s estimated that around 1000 Invictas were produced.

This car, S131 I was given the nickname Swahile by its first owner, Mr KBO Gormley, who was the competition secretary for the Invicta owners club, a club that still exists to this day. It was then owned by JR Buckley, who wrote a book entitled The 4 1/2 Litre S-type Invicta, which was published in 1966.

It has its original engine, number 7740, original gearbox number 5143, original Carbodies Tourer body number 4156 and the original number plate GY9990.

In 1958 Mr Buckley sold the car to an American, William E Thomason, who was based in Texas. The car returned to the UK in 1992 when it was bought by Martin Leake. It was then owned by Stephen Langton, who sold it in November 1993 to a Mr F Vaz, who lived in Lisbon. The current owner purchased the car in 2016.


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