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Year: 1960

Manufacturer: Porsche

Model: 356 Roadster

Country: UK

Richard King

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1960 Porsche 356 Roadster

About 16 years ago Karmann Konnection founder Richard King decided he really wanted to buy a Speedster – but only had Roadster money to spend! Instead, he bought this Drauz-built T5 via Bob Campbell in California. 

Richard has subsequently got to know the last owner, Rick Kreiskott very well and has been in contact with two more previous owners. Rick found the car in Arizona after a long search for an original Speedster! The car has been painted once, cheaply, in the 1980s but is incredibly original. It should be Aetna blue with red interior, and may well be again one day. It’s fridge white and tan interior now. The top frame is original paint and the canvas roof original. It came with a few parts that Richard paid extra for. It was offered at $30,000 with the stock parts or $50,000 with all the special parts, plus the stock parts.

It had an 80 litre gas tank, five RS60 steel alloys, a tuned 356 C motor, rebuilt transmission and came with the original dated wheels and hubcaps, the original motor and trans, and the original gas tank. It has subsequently been fitted with an original Les Leston wood rim steering wheel and aluminium Speedster seats, the bumpers have been removed, graphics painted on and period Iron Cross torsion bar hole covers fitted. It also now has an original toolkit and travel kit!

 The 356 has been driven all over Europe and is regularly driven now. It has never had any rust or accident damage at all, and drives very well. It’s just been fitted with new rear suspension rubbers and a set of new Blockley tyres, which handle great. 

Richard doesn’t plan to sell the car any time soon, but may have a change of heart in a few years. All in all it’s been a great car!

Photography by Paul Knight, courtesy of Karmann Konnection


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