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Year: 1961

Manufacturer: Osca

Model: 1600 GT Coupe Touring

Country: Italy

Corrado Lopresto

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1961 Osca 1600 GT Coupe Touring

The 1600 is the first road car built by Fratelli Maserati marque OSCA, which in the 1950s had been exclusively dedicated to race cars. This sporty model was bodied by the historical coachbuilder Touring of Milan. Built using the ‘Superleggera’ technique, it had some highly innovative solutions, including a concave rear window. Touring also used this on the contemporary Alfa Romeo 2000 Praho – a solution that would combine increased brightness and visibility with better aerodynamics.

At the 1961 Turin Motor Show, which marked the debut of this beautiful coupè, another particular solution was much admired; an arm that allowed the extraction of the spare wheel behind the seats from the left door. Another interesting thing about this car was the use of details, such as the structure of the seats or the inside of the uprights in perforated metal. This solution boosted lightness and was a clear reference to race cars that used similar ideas to reduce weight.

It seems that only two examples of this version bodied by Touring were built, and both still exist. This one, chassis number d014, is the car that was exhibited at the Turin Motor Show.

The car is now part of the renowned Lopresto Collection.


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