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Year: 1962

Manufacturer: Land Rover

Model: Series II

Country: USA

Ike Goss

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1962 Land Rover Series II

1962 Land Rover Series II Steve McQueen

This 1962 Land Rover occupies an interesting place in the story of Steve McQueen. McQueen originally purchased the vehicle in late 1961, adding a lengthy list of options and personally picking it up at the factory in England – according to original dispatch records from The Rover Company.

After driving it around in England while filming ‘The War Lover’, he shipped it back to the United States where he further customised it – most notably by having Kenny ‘Von Dutch’ Howard pinstripe and logo it; complete with his production company name on the doors and his informal motorcycle and racing club ‘Chicken Shit Racing’ emblazoned on the front fender as a chemical formula.

This vehicle occupied a unique spot amongst a growing stable of exotic cars; for a time it bridged the gap between all of McQueen’s various pursuits: Hollywood, racing, family and the great outdoors. It could be found towing McQueen’s race car to area racetracks, speeding across the Southern California desert with Hollywood starlets in the back, parked with windows fogged by marijuana smoke hanging out with fellow actors between filming, being used as a family runabout on nice days with the top off, pressed into service as a support vehicle for a day out motorcycling, loaded down with gear friends and beer heading into the mountains for a weekend of camping and shooting, or simply out for a drive with his dog Mike in the back.

This Land Rover has a great story to tell and is preserved in amazingly original condition with incredible photos and period accounts of its use.


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