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Year: 1964

Manufacturer: Jaguar

Model: E-Type Lindner Nocker

Country: UK

Peter Neumark

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1964 Jaguar E-Type Lindner Nocker

This car, 4868 WK, was the fifth of the 12 Lightweight E-types produced by Jaguar in 1963 and was registered on May 3 to Jaguar. It was sold to Mr Peter Lindner, who was the German importer and distributor of Jaguar Cars, and also a very prominent and successful amateur racing driver.

The car was universally known as the Lindner Nocker Lightweight, and is unique and historically important for many reasons. It was sold to Lindner as the Lightweights were sent to drivers with racing prowess. It was the only Low Drag Lightweight built by Jaguar, the last car to be designed by Malcolm Sayer and had the most powerful engine produced in-house at Coventry.

Its first race was at the Nürburgring and it led the Ferraris after the first lap. Lindner and Peter Nöcker raced it at Le Mans in June 1964 and its racing continued until its tragic accident at Montlhéry in October 1964, in which Peter Lindner and three marshals sadly died. The car was then impounded and locked away for many years. Subsequently, it was recreated using all the mechanical components in a spare Lightweight tub because the mangled original body was thought to be irreparable.

Many years later still, the original body was salvaged and restored by Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth, UK, to be reunited with the original mechanical components. This was one of the most challenging projects undertaken on any car by the restoration company. Over 7000 skilled man hours went into  the restoration of what is regarded by most aficionados as the most beautiful E-Type ever produced, the Lindner-Nöcker Lightweight.


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