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Year: 1949

Manufacturer: Porsche

Model: 356 Emory Special Silver Cabriolet

Country: USA

Rod and Amy Emory

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1964 Porsche 356 Emory Special Silver Cabriolet

This Emory Special Cabriolet is the first 356 ‘Special’ built by Rod Emory. It was finished in 1998 and its maiden voyage was a celebratory 5000-mile cross country tour on the occasion of Porsche’s 50th anniversary.

Every last surface on the exterior has been modified using design language from Porsche’s GT competition cars. The bumpers have been removed, the rocker panels/sills have been rolled, the front hood/bonnet flattened and the handle removed, the wheelarches raised and the Cabriolet windshield frame laid back. The steel cabriolet top is removable for open-top motoring, and tubing has been used to stiffen the chassis. The car weighs just 2000lbs (900kg).

The engine is the 2.25-litre 911-4 prototype, developing 195bhp, and running twin-plug ignition. It’s mated to a 901 five-speed transmission, while the rest of the running gear includes 944 Turbo S rear suspension with front and rear sway bars and 944 Turbo S disc brakes.

The interior features race-inspired minimalism with practical refinement. There’s an RSR driver’s seat and passenger side 911 Sport seat, a custom child seat, tan German square-weave carpet with rubber floor mats, Roadster dashboard, Lecarra wood rim steering wheel, hollow doors with open-access storage, two-point competition harnesses, a 904 triple gauge set and of course the requisite flower vase.

This Special still makes Porsche engineers take a second look to understand what this is and why this car exists.

Photos by Chris Greenwood, courtesy of Emory Motorsports


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