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Year: 1965

Manufacturer: Jaguar

Model: E-type

Chassis Number: 1E11338

Country: UK

Dr Richard McCann

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1965 Jaguar E-type

Built to ‘semi-lightweight’ specification complete with an original ‘Works’ aluminium bonnet reputedly from one of the two factory special order semi-lightweight cars. Now restored and in ‘fast road’ tune.

Raced by motor racing legends Sir Stirling Moss and Win Percy (Jaguar Le Mans driver, three-times BTCC champion  and Bathhurst 100 and Spa 24 hrs winner) 

Sir Stirling was full of praise for the car, comparing his laps of the TT circuit in the E-Type with his races in earlier years on the Island’s British Empire Trophy course, saying “The car was pretty good but it needs to be damped down a little, made more taught if we were going to try really hard! It handled nicely, behaved quite well, and was comfortable, but if you wanted to go faster you’d need to tighten it down a bit.”

‘From the moment the flag dropped on the first sprint there wasn’t a single, solitary moment of apprehension. The car is always in balance, flowing smoothly from one curve to another, in total control – at speeds that would have me trembling in fear, white-knuckled, were I to attempt them’ (Mike McCarthy, editor of Classic & Sportscar magazine who accompanied Sir Stirling Moss in this car on the 1991 Manx Mountain Challenge)   

The renowned E-Type specialist Jeremy Broad prepared 1E11338 for competition use at his Jaguar Competition Workshops not far from Browns Lane. Mr Broad followed the specification of the only two special order semi-lightweight cars constructed by Jaguar Works in 1964. The roadster was delivered to Sir Robert Ropner and the coupe version went to Pierre Bardion in France.  Interestingly it is believed that 1E11338 wears the original bonnet from the Ropner car, presumably removed when that car was restored in an age when panel gaps mattered more than originality! 1E11338’s restoration also followed the Sir Robert Ropner car with alloy boot lid, hardtop and doors. 

Purchased in 1991 by Manx Motor Racing Club director Graham Warwick and registered in the IoM as 1E MN, Ch. 1E11338 – *as a result of Stirling Moss’s observations – was further developed by the legendary Peter Lander and Jaguar engineering experts Pearsons Engineering – probably the world’s most famous preparers of C, D and E Type Jaguars for almost 60 years. Mr Warwick then won the Manx Classic sports car event outright in this car. 

‘1E11338’ spent 24 years in Mr Warwick’s ownership enjoying historic road rallies (Halda was fitted in glove box) and speed events on the IoM, UK and into Europe.  The way the car looks and the way the car drives reflects all those years of development – it just oozes class and offers a driving experience – not simply engine performance but handling, road-holding, steering, braking… – that’s on a higher plane than any regular E-Type.

During this period the car was used to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jaguar’s masterpiece, being driven by Sir Stirling Moss in the inaugural Manx Mountain Challenge of 1991, and then driven in the road rally part of the event by journalists Mike McCarthy (Classic & Sportscar) and Dave Selby (Auto Classic) from the IoM to Silverstone, demonstrating this car’s versatility

The car has current FIVA papers and was awarded FIA papers when fitted with a 3.8 litre engine; the FIA Historic Vehicle Identity Form is still with the motor car and could be returned to this specification if desired. Current spec includes: 4.2 engine to race build quality but currently in fast road tune, includes Sigma Engineering head by XK guru Peter Lander, with special cams and pistons, balanced crank, ally flywheel, hi-torq starter, triple Webers, Powr-Lok LSD, adjustable shocks, Safety Devices roll bar, uprated springs, lowered suspension, vented boot, alloy radiator and header tank, internal rear brake access panels, FIA-type foam-filled tank with ally case, five-speed gearbox (Jaguar’s later Le Mans E-Type lightweights had 5-speeed ‘boxes in the 60s). Power stated 320/330 at wheels so allowing the traditional 15% for transmission loss that equates to 375/390 bhp at the flywheel (not warranted until dyno tested).

In 2001, a decade after Sir Stirling’s time with 1E11338, this famous car was invited to Donington Park to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the E-Type, and was this time driven by Le Mans and British/World Touring Car star Win Percy who left his D-Type in order to drive this car. 1E11338 also appeared nationally and internationally inc at Jarama, Madrid.

In 2015 the car was sold for restoration and passed via dealer John Sykes to join the Paul Stanton Collection. Sadly Mr Stanton’s failing health halted restoration work and the car was acquired by Dr Richard McCann who had the car restored while retaining the original patina, upgraded and recommissioned for road and speed event use by Paragon Racing. The car was subsequently invited to top events such as Bugatti Prescott, Chateau Impney Speed Festival, Brighton Nationals, Sywell Classic Pistons & Props, and Florida’s Amelia Island. Entered numerous historic touring road-rallies and was featured at the NEC show in 2019 and Reis Race Retro Pride of the Paddock Finalist 2020.

US magazine ‘Motor Authority’ said that ‘while the Moss car isn’t in the same league as the 12 multi-million dollar original lightweights it does have sentimental value for any well-heeled motorsport lover – it WAS piloted by Sir Stirling Moss and it was constructed at the hands of Jaguar expert Jeremy Broad who utilized a number of parts found on the colossally collectible and expensive E-Type lightweight.’

Chassis 1E11338 is undoubtedly a very important historic motor car with a great character and provenance. Despite the car’s awe-inspiring pedigree it is now a pleasant yet formidably fast sports car to drive on the road or in one of the many prestige events to which it is an honoured and invited participant, including  UK, EU and US shows, exhibitions, historic sprints, hillclimbs, and historic road rallies 

…or just a gentle Sunday drive to the pub!


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