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Year: 1967

Manufacturer: Fiat

Model: Dino Spider

Country: UK

Daniel Drogman

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1967 Fiat Dino Spider

The Fiat Dino Spider was a collaboration between Ferrari and Fiat in order to build 500 production examples of the Dino engine so that it could be homologated to race in Formula 2. The Dino Spider debuted at the Turin Motor show in 1966. This Dino is number 415 out of the first 500 built for homologation. In total, only 1133 2.0-litre Dino Spiders were made.

The road-going version of the Dino engine was re-engineered by Aurelio Lampredi, and is a 2.0-litre all-alloy quad-cam 65° V6 producing 160bhp. It is teamed with a five-speed all-synchro gearbox, limited-slip differential, all-disc brakes and Cromodora alloy wheels with knock-off spinners. The Dino’s bodywork was designed by Pininfarina and built at its carrozzeria in Turin. The completed bodies were then shipped to Fiat for final assembly.

This car was built in 1967, has spent most of its life in Italy and was registered in the Modena region. It is in original condition, having never been restored, although it was repainted sometime in the past. It was imported into the UK in 2005, and the current owner bought it in 2007 from Dino Spider aficionado Iain Tyrell of Cheshire Classic Cars.

It has been displayed at several prestigious concours including the Cartier Style et Luxe at Goodwood, where it came first in class, and the Concours d’Elegance at Hurlingham, where it came second. It was a feature car at Chelsea Auto Legends, Pininfarina Day at Hurtwood and Salute to Style at Hurlingham, and has been a grid car at Goodwood. It is also due to appear at this year’s London Concours. It’s been featured in Classic Cars and Auto Italia magazines and several books.


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