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Year: 1970

Manufacturer: Lamborghini

Model: Miura S

Country: Australia

William Zuccon

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1970 Lamborghini Miura S

Best of Show 2020 Sydney Harbour Concours

This extraordinary example was delivered new to Australia in 1970. Originally finished in Miura Blue, at some point in a short ownership trail of three previous owners the Miura was painted red – directly over the original blue – more on this shortly.

During the current ownership the Miura has undergone a complete restoration. This painstaking process has been underpinned and guided by thorough historical research, which included a visit to Lamborghini and a search of all build records for the vehicle as well as an inspection of the car here in Australia by famed Lamborghini test driver Valentino Balboni.

This restoration was carried out in two stages and took a total of six years. The first stage involved a thorough mechanical overhaul, which included the replacement of all components showing any signs of wear. Accordingly, the crankshaft, conrods, pistons, liners and many, many other components were replaced with original parts bought directly from Lamborghini. All castings were Loctite treated – twice – to address the well known porosity issues. In short, everything that could be done, was done.

After seeing gentle, mostly club use, the second stage was commenced and involved a back to bare metal restoration of the body and chassis as well as the complete re-trimming of the interior. The historical research revealed that the car was originally painted in the well known Miura lime green and was taken from the production line and put back in the paint shop to fill the order for a blue right hand drive (‘guida destra’) car for Australia. Thus the car was found to wear three colours – lime green, its original delivery ‘Miura Blu’ and a nondescript red. During the restoration the correct lime green and blue were identified using spectrographic analysis and the bodywork actually painted successively in each colour – the blue over the lime green – for historical correctness.

The research also revealed that parts of the interior had been incorrectly re-trimmed over the years so, with the assistance of Lamborghini’s Polo Storico heritage department, all period correct interior leathers, carpet and trim were secured, right down to the correct edge trimming for the carpets. The highly skilled trimming and installation of the sumptuous and aromatic interior beautifully completed the long, restorative journey.

Fresh from its fastidious restoration, this Miura S must surely represent one of the finest existent examples.


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