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Year: 1972

Manufacturer: Nissan

Model: 240Z

Country: USA

Marc Moreau

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1972 Nissan 240Z

1972 Nissan 240Z

This car is from Southern California, bought by current owner Marc Moreau in 2008 with 253,000 miles. It is a numbers matching car and was a daily driver for the previous owner who owned the car for close to 30 years. He was the second owner.  

The car is the same as the first Datsun 240Z that Marc bought in 1978 and drove during his college years. He sold that first 240Z after getting married and having his first daughter. At that time he had always hoped to buy another 240Z, the same year with the white and red colours at some point in the future.

When Marc acquired the car in 2008, he began an 11 year restoration of the car in phases. When he first bought the car it had a cracked head and was not running. It was a very solid rust free car that had been kept mostly original by the previous owners. He removed the motor to replace the head and make other mechanical updates. After he addressed the mechanical issues, he decided to remove some side trim riveted to the body of the car. That is the point at which Marc went down a slippery slope of embarking on a full blown restoration of the car.

The car has been shown twice at the Boston Cup and received Second Place for Japanese one year. The car has also been shown twice at the Misslewood Concours. It was awarded best Japanese at the Larz Anderson Japanese Auto Lawn Event in 2018 and Second Place for Stock Modified Datsun 240Z at the 2013 National Z Car Convention.


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