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Year: 1973

Manufacturer: Maserati

Model: Indy

Country: Australia

David Pagano

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1973 Maserati Indy

This Maserati Indy was shipped new to Lebanon. A few years later it went back to Maserati and was converted to right-hand drive.

It was then taken to Australia by new owner Peter Moxham, who owned the car until 2016. It was last registered in 1990. When Peter died, his daughter Tara sold the car to a property developer who also died suddenly in 2018.

Current owner David Pagano bought the Indy from the estate. The car hadn’t been driven since 1990, so it was recommisioned. Apart from an exterior respray over 30 years ago the car hasn’t been apart. It’s quite rare having the Citroën braking system and the electric sunroof.

Just over 200 of the 4.9-litre cars were made.


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