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Year: 1986

Manufacturer: Ford

Model: Sierra RS Cosworth

Country: USA

Private Collection

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This is one of 10 Sierra RS Cosworths uprated by the official Ford Works DTM team, approved by Ford.

The Sierra RS Cosworth itself came about after surprisingly slow sales of the distinctively shaped Ford Sierra after its introduction in 1982. A serious marketing boost was required, and it was the obvious choice to become the platform for Ford’s new competition aspirations. It was rear-wheel drive, had good aerodynamics, albeit being prone to lift at high speeds, and it was available as a three-door.

A wind-tunnel developed body kit and rear spoiler would sort out the lift issues but, more importantly, Ford still needed to build 5000 units for motorsport homologation. When Ford motorsport department director Stuart Turner approached the dealer network they came back with an estimate that indicated that they could sell around 1500 units!

The successful eventual sales record is of course history. Ford went on to sell 5,545 three-door cars including the RS500, of which only 500 were built to conform to the eligibility regulations relating to International Touring Car Racing, ‘Group A’. Aston Martin at Tickford were assigned to convert these 500 right-hand drive cars and that included upgrading the engine to 224bhp (with the potential to exceed 400bhp in full-race mode), numerous aerodynamic enhancements including a 30mm lip spoiler applied to the tailgate to increase downforce, a more effective chin spoiler known as a ‘splitter’, and larger cooling ducts for both the brakes and the engine intercooler.

This car is one of 10 Sierra RS Cosworths uprated by the official Ford Works DTM team, approved by Ford. This was a reaction to pressure on Ford to produce a left-hand drive RS500 for the German market, as fans could not access the, now all sold-out, run of 500 UK RHD cars. The conversions were undertaken by Wolf Racing for Ford, and all the cars were finished in Moonstone Blue.

The official package included: a 300 bhp engine upgrade, racing pistons, green injectors, bigger fuel pump, racing wastegate, uprated electronic control chip, steel twin-exit exhaust, lowered sports suspension, 16″ gold DTM style wheels, RS500 rear wings, RS500 decals, tinting film on rear windows, RS500 instrumentation with 300km/h full-scale, additional integrated instrumentation in the central console, a racing gear knob, and finally sports pedals.      

This car was imported from mainland Europe early 2018 and sold by Silverstone Auctions with just 24,000 miles on the clock. It has since been exported to the USA. Its documentation includes a post-inspection Letter of Authenticity from the Sierra Cosworth registrar and a letter from Ford Autohaus Wolf confirming the official Wolf upgrade.

Thanks to Silverstone Auctions for photography


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