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Salt Flat Heroes: Early Bonneville Racers

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Judge's Vote

  • 1. 1957 MG EX-181
  • 2. 1948 So-Cal Belly Tank
  • 3. 1960 Proteus Bluebird CN7

People's Vote

  • 1. 1933 Napier Railton Special
  • 2. 1932 Ford Roadster
  • 3. 1957 MG EX-181

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People's Vote Winner

Salt Flat Heroes: Early Bonneville Racers

It’s the outright Land Speed Record holders that grab the headlines but we also want the hot rods and specials that defined the Bonneville and dry lakes scene. The class is cut-off at 1964, when the last of the wheel-driven outright Land Speed Records was broken. Judged on Bonneville provenance and condition.

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