Apollo Automobil

Make: Apollo Automobil

Model: Apollo IE

Year: 2020

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Apollo Automobil IE

The ‘IE’ of the Apollo IE stands for Intensa Emozione, and the company says the car is defined by the ‘intense emotion’ delivered by the greatest analogue hypercars.

The Apollo IE was inspired by the GT1 race cars of the 1990s, in particular the most successful of all, the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR. To this end, Apollo created a strategic technical partnership with HWA AG – HWA for Hans Werner Aufrecht, the founder of AMG, responsible for both road and race variants of the CLK-GTR.

The resultant hypercar combines the aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical grip of a modern GT1/GT3/LMP race car with the classic excitement of a high-revving naturally-aspirated V12. It’s built around a central carbon fiber monocoque with carbon fiber crash boxes. Body panels are also carbon fibre, and the engine is a 6.3-litre V12 developing 780bhp at 8500rpm and 760Nm of torque at 6000rpm – making for a top speed of 208mph and a 0-62mph of 2.7 seconds.


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