Brabham Automotive

Make: Brabham

Model: BT62

Year: 2020

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Brabham BT62

The Brabham BT62 is for those who want to challenge themselves and experience driving in its purest form.  Designed as the ultimate track car, the BT62 combines world-leading contemporary materials, processes and technologies to deliver a driving experience that you simply have to feel to believe.

It’s available in three specifications:

The BT62 Competition, which is all about 100% performance, simplified and delivered as a competition-ready package. It features the naturally aspirated, 5.4 litre Brabham V8 producing 710ps (700bhp) and 667 Nm (492 ft/lb) of torque. It has an FIA compliant safety cell with variable position seating, competition suspension and carbon/carbon brakes with six-piston calipers, front and rear. With a dry weight of just 972kg, the BT62 is incredibly light, boasting a power-to-weight ratio of 730ps per tonne. and it delivers a staggering 1600kg of downforce. The body is handcrafted carbon fibre draped over a chromoly chassis.

The BT62 Ultimate Track, which takes the raw visceral performance of the BT62 Competition and adds luxury touches to provide the ultimate track experience. Additional equipment included with the BT62 Ultimate Track specification includes ride height sensors, tyre sensors, an initial spares pack, Alcantara interior treatment and exposed exterior carbon fibre to compliment the customer’s choice of either Celebration Series or Signature Series livery.

The BT62R, which is the road variant of the BT62, featuring carbon-ceramic brakes, a road-specific Inconel exhaust system, air conditioning, bespoke suspension system with variable ride height, vehicle immobiliser, keyless entry, additional interior trim and insulation for driving comfort. 

Brabham Automotive continues a legacy begun by three-time world champion Sir Jack Brabham, the first F1 driver to win a world championship in a car of his own construction.  Today, Brabham Automotive makes the most dynamic cars in the world for the champions of tomorrow. Limited to just 70 units worldwide, the BT62 and BT62R are available in either left or right-hand drive and can be finished in either a Celebration Series livery commemorating one of the Brabham team’s 35 F1 victories, or a Signature series livery of the customer’s own design.


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