Make: Rodin

Model: FZED

Year: 2020

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Rodin FZED

This single-seater track car, with the performance to rival modern era Grand Prix cars, is
built in New Zealand by Rodin Cars.

Powered by the Cosworth GPV8, which is based on the Cosworth XG that earnt its stripes in the Indy Racing League circuit, the new Rodin FZED delivers a mighty 675bhp at 9600 rpm. Peak torque is 490Nm at 7600 rpm, while the redline is 10,000rpm.

It can accelerate to 100mph (160kph) in just 5.0 seconds and boasts a top speed of 300kph. The entire car weighs just 1342lbs (609kg), excluding the driver.

The first five cars are currently being built. All FZED customers get to participate in the Rodin Experience, which is geared towards experienced drivers who want a near-F1 experience, without the cost, complexity and risk of owning an actual historic Grand Prix car.

A second model, the forthcoming FZERO, aims to be the fastest track car in the world. Stay tuned at for updates.


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