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The Chief of Staff Association

Capped at only three hundred new members per year, the Chief of Staff Association puts you in the company of the world’s most connected, innovative and influential gatekeepers.

Chiefs of Staff are the indisputable gatekeepers to the world’s leaders and their influence is increasing. They help leaders execute strategy and manage virtually all the interactions between the principal and stakeholders.

Many people assume that there exists a “definitive list” that the world’s leaders have at their fingertips.

You might think that the president of a company or the president of a country has a red phone on their desk that they can use to reach anyone at a moments notice.

This is not true.

Through CSA Command™, we have the capability to assist in navigating borders quickly and bypassing traditional impediments to solve complex coordination problems and facilitate economic diplomacy – particularly during times of crisis.

In addition to CSA Command™, a comprehensive engagement platform, known as CSA Experiences™ extends members networks beyond their organisations. Our CSA Experiences™ program includes CSA Domestic Roundtables by region and CSA Domestic Roundtables by sector.

CSA Certification is our executive-level education programmes specially designed for Chiefs of Staff. Delivered by the world’s best research institutions and geared to encourage our members to develop their global network and acquire knowledge and skills that will advance their career.

Membership is divided into three classes: the Diplomatic Division, Chief of Staff Division and an Honorary Division. Membership in all divisions is by invitation only.

Presenting Partner
Hagerty exists to keep car culture alive for future generations. That’s why we fuel automotive passion with everything from membership in the Hagerty Drivers
Timing Partner
Dresden watchmaker Ferdinand Adolph Lange laid the cornerstone of Saxony’s precision watchmaking industry when he established his manufactory in 1845. His precious pocket watches
Charity Partner
UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation for children, working in 190 countries to reach the most vulnerable and excluded children. Coronavirus is the biggest

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