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Rodin Cars

The Rodin Cars Spirit of Speed Award in the Concours Virtual goes to

1960 Proteus Bluebird CN7

This award comes from New Zealand company Rodin, which builds single-seater race cars that allow drivers to experience near-F1 levels of performance and grip. Rodin also has its own track where its cars – the FZed and the forthcoming FZero – can be driven by visitors to the facility. For the Spirit of Speed award, Rodin founder David Dickens chose the 1960 Bluebird CN7 land speed record car, of the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, UK. This incredible machine was the creation of record breaker Donald Campbell, and was powered by a gas turbine engine that produced 4100hp at 11,000rpm, driving all four wheels. On its first record attempts at Bonneville it was all but destroyed in a high-speed accident but the team later took the rebuilt Bluebird to Lake Eyre in Australia to achieve 403.10mph in July 1964 – just ahead of rule changes that would allow non-wheel-driven cars to compete for the land speed record. David Dicker, Owner and CEO of Rodin Cars explained further “I was born in ’53, I grew up around this car and others like it. They seemed just out of this World. Donald Campbell. Land Speed record car. I’ve read a couple of biographies on him. Fascinating guy. Although the Bluebird itself didn’t influence me too much in my passion for cars or the approaches I am taking with the design for the Rodin FZERO, the men behind it certainly do.”

Technical proficiency, engineering excellence and one of the largest and most diverse collections of the machinery and 3D printers in the Southern Hemisphere, are the foundations on which Rodin Cars’ is built. The automotive manufacturer has the capability to design and print many components of their bespoke supercars in-house – allowing the achievement and scrutiny of perfection to be more readily at hand.

Having the best team of engineers is fundamental to the achievement of everything that the FZED and FZERO were meant to be. The brightest up-and-coming thinkers and most adept craftspeople in the world of engineering have been sourced to achieve this goal. Partnering with the local university to support the engineering faculty is part of the Rodin Cars mission to promote and inspire the next generation of engineers.

When it comes to the Rodin cars – our engineers ensure there really Is nothing like it.


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